Instantly stream your app as a Playable Ad. No download.

Hear about it first hand.

Tayber Voyer
Product Manager, A Thinking Ape

Matt Fossati
CEO, Game Masons
Norman Cheng
CEO, Dreamheart Games

How mNectar pioneers and leads.

Monetize with play.

Users are already playing your game - keep the fun going and let them play ads.

Data shows increased app store ratings associated with Playable Ads.

Playable Ads pay out competitive CPMs with a unique interactive user experience.


Acquire engaged users.

Playable Ads let users play your game instantly without installing.

Users only install games they try and like.

You only get users that play and spend.


App streaming technology & distribution.

No custom builds needed.

Full network spectrum coverage.

Apps are virtualized through mNectar’s Spectra stream technology.

Playables are streamed across mNectar’s Spectra Application Delivery Network.


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